Sponsor a Skater

$10 Pays for one skateboarder to skate one session

$189 Pays for one skateboarder to skate for one 10-week season, all days we are open

$369 Pays for one family up to 5  to skate for one 10-week season, all days we are open


Fall Session Flier 2021

Ramona’s Pop-up Skatepark is back!!  When we started after COVID, parents are reporting that reconnecting with the pop-up skatepark has nearly instantly lifted depression, as actively skateboarding and riding scooters with friends in your neighborhood for 2-hours on a beautiful Ramona afternoon will do!  

Kids who haven’t shown excitement about anything in over a year were super excited to come back! New kids are coming by all the time, getting out of the house and making new friends while learning a new skill or progressing in a sport they love!

As you might expect, some parents have also reported stories of lost jobs, furloughs, and other circumstances that have them struggling financially.  We do not want to ever turn away a kid for lack of money!!

However, we run a pretty good program and it costs money to keep it going that grants don’t always cover.  We actively seek grants to cover our costs so that we don’t have to turn away kids for money, but during the COVID we were not getting grants because we were not open and we weren’t open because we weren’t getting grants.  The grants we seek today, now that we are open, will pay out in the future in time for next season.

To help us continue a policy of not turning away a kid for lack of money, and to help us reach a goal of covering all program costs with grants and donations so the program can be free to families, will you consider SPONSORING A SKATER?   Click on the paypal button below to donate.  Ramona Skatepark Champions is a 501c3 organization and your donations to sponsor a skater are tax deductible.  Paypal should return you a receipt.

Thank you for your support!