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Why a Skatepark?

Safe Environment

The majority of skateboarding injuries happen outside skateparks. The most common injuries are falls due to surface irregularities and collisions with motor vehicles or pedestrians. Skateboarding is going to happen whether skateparks exist or not, so the best way to keep youth safe is to provide them access to safe, designated spaces to pursue their activity. Click to read more from Spohn Ranch.

Physical Health Benefits

By improving overall fitness and physical endurance, skateboarding improves health for low investment. Specifically, skateboarding improves balance, precision and flexibility. Participants learn to fall safely, improve pain tolerance, and significantly reduce risk of future falling injuries. The physical activity reduces stress, increases metabolism and contributes to healthy weight management. Click to read more at Everskate.

Mental Health Benefits

Skateboarders have complete creative freedom to do their own, thing, at their own pace. After countless hours practicing a skill, they learn persistence while reducing fear of failure or pain. They learn to rely upon their own set of skills, and know their limits, improving self-confidence. Skateparks allow skateboarders to socialize with people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Click here to read more at Thrillspire.

Positive Economic Impact

Skateparks help create the need for quality skateboard shops and help create new skateboard teaching jobs related skateboard lessons and summer camps. This helps bring new jobs to the community. Parents can drop kids at the skatepark behind the library while they get their shopping done here, in Ramona, not down-the-hill. More, a professionally designed skatepark will attract skateboard tourism from down-the-hill, to spend money in Ramona. Finally, a public skatepark makes the community appear to be invested in the youth, and active lifestyles. This will attract new residents to your community. Click to read more at EconomicDevelopment.org.

Reduce Damage to Public Property

Often quoted among skatepark advocates, “If your town doesn’t have a skatepark, then it IS a skatepark.” Skateboarders that practice skateboarding in parking lots, schools, and outside businesses can do some damage with the metal trucks on the concrete curbs and sidewalks. Public skateparks are a win-win because skateboarders have a place that is built to suit their passion. Law Enforcement and business owners no longer have to spend their time, money and energy “shooing away” skateboarders. Click to read more at Spohn Ranch.

Reduce Nuisance Crime

“The myth surrounding skateparks is that they are a breeding ground for crime and other illicit activities. While there will be an occasional “bad seed”, providing designated spaces for positive activities is the best way to curb unlawful behavior among youth. When youth having nothing to do or nowhere to go – that is when they cause trouble. Studies support that areas with higher rates of skateparks, did in fact tend to have lower than expected rates of crime.Click to read more at Spohn Ranch. Then also click to read more at Skateparks vs. Crime USA.