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Ramona Pop-up Skatepark

Ramona Pop-up Skatepark is a newish skateboarding program launching in 2019 for Elementary, Middle and High school students at “Pop-up Skateparks” in Ramona. SIGN UP to be a supporting member! 

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Ramona Skatepark

Ramona Skatepark Champions support building a community skatepark behind the library on Main Street in Ramona. The County already owns this land and has included a skatepark in their site plan for this location. The community has to provide a non-profit entity to enter into a “maintenance agreement” with the County and Ramona Skatepark Champions is positioning ourselves to provide this entity for the community and to raise money for the project. Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 for a 17,000 square foot skatepark..

Let’s Build This!

PLDO Dedicated Park Funds: $265,00027%