Coaches to Achieve Drop-In Instructor Accreditation

Drop InThanks to sponsorship from The Tony Hawk Foundation, our Ramona Action League Skateboarding Instructors will be participating in The Skaters for Public Skateparks/Drop-In Instructor Accreditation program, and personally trained and accredited in skateboard instruction methods by Ben Wixon, of Drop In To Skateboarding!

Ben Wixon is a skateboarding expert, recreation professional, and certified teacher with more than twenty years of experience providing guidance, instruction, and support to skateboarders, recreation programs, facility operators, and school students. He is the master trainer for Nike Skateboarding, a recreation leader with Portland Parks and Recreation, director of development for Skaters for Portland Skateparks, a published author, and middle school teacher in Portland Oregon. Ben wrote the book, “Skateboarding Instruction, Programming and Park Design.”   Learn more about Ben Wixon at this link:

The Skaters for Public Skateparks/Drop-In Instructor Accreditation is a non-profit partnership that was created in an effort to promote skateboarding as a positive lifelong activity, and provide sound resources for facilitating school and community skateboarding programs safely.  Learn more at this link:

THFThe Tony Hawk Foundation supports the Ramona Action League by proposing this accreditation program, providing the introduction to Ben Wixon, and covering all the costs associated with bringing this program from Oregon to Ramona to support our instructor team.  The Tony Hawk Foundation has been working with municipalities and community groups to help them realize their dream of a quality public skatepark in their community. For Tony Hawk, skateboarding was a healthy outlet and a recreational challenge, and it provided a social group of creative, like-minded individuals. It’s also a sport that helped him build confidence, taught him to persevere, and through his mentoring of younger skaters helped him develop leadership skills. The Tony Hawk Foundation works every day to be able to bring these same lessons to youth around the world….and that includes Ramona!  Read more about The Tony Hawk Foundation here:

Ramona Action League is a committee of the Ramona Skatepark Champions, a 501c3 charity in Ramona whose mission is to raise money to build a skatepark in Ramona and to support safe and healthy action sports in Ramona and the Back Country.  In order to build a skatepark in unincorporated Ramona, we must put forth an established non-profit (that’s us,) who can show sufficient ongoing revenue and capital to cover the County’s cost of maintenance of the park, and can provide a proposed business plan documenting their proposed operations plan. The success of the Ramona Action League program is one critical component of our plans partner with the County for the future skatepark. Donations are tax deductible at

The accreditation program will take place on August 10, and anyone interested in coaching skateboarding in Ramona should participate. Contact before August 9.  Ramona Action League will be hosting skateboarding lessons in Ramona at a “pop-up skatepark” to be located at the basketball courts at New Life Assembly of God in Ramona beginning September 10 for five weeks. There will be lessons for beginners on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30 and intermediate/advanced skateboarders will skate on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:30 and Saturdays from 9am to 11am.  Get more information or register online at