About Us

Ramona Skatepark Champions is a 501c3 charitable corporation #47-2731456.  The mission of Ramona Skatepark Champions is to raise money to build a skatepark in Ramona and to support safe and healthy action sports in Ramona and the Back Country.  The Ramona Action League is a committee of the Ramona Skatepark Champions which operates an after-school skateboarding program in Ramona with portable skatepark equipment at participating community partners.

The skatepark site we are looking at is behind the community library on Main Street.  The County already owns this land, and has designated it to be an “Inter-generational Park” providing recreational facilities for all ages, including senior care facilities and a community skatepark.  Because Ramona is unincorporated community of San Diego County, the County requires the community produce an established non-profit to enter a “maintenance agreement,” before building a community park.  Ramona Skatepark Champions was established in 2015 in order to meet the County requirements for a community skatepark in Ramona.

By establishing the Pop-up Skatepark, the Ramona Skatepark Champions is providing a safe spot in the community for youth to practice skateboarding skills, learn competition skills and skatepark etiquette, while we work on the larger project of raising $1,000,000 to build the skatepark.  This program, helps us in the larger effort of raising money for the skatepark, by changing the conversation with the community.

By demonstrating the need, and putting our organization in the position to deliver services to fill those needs, we establish with the County that Ramona has taken the challenge of building a skatepark seriously, and can provide the stable entity that the County needs to proceed.  This program can be transferred to the skatepark upon building, to help cover the cost of ongoing maintenance and offer expanded after-school activities for skateboarders.

Won’t you help us in this noble pursuit?  We could sure use your help!