We need help manning a booth on Thursday night Cruise Nights.  Find us at Packards Coffee Shop at the corner of 7th and Main Street in Old Town, Ramona, and sign-up below for one or more Thursday Nights.

Plans for Ramona Haunted Town Hall are already underway.  There are lots of different kinds of volunteers needed for that. A preliminary sign up sheet is below.

As the skate spots at individual schools in Ramona Unified School District are formed, we will organize sign-ups for volunteers to help keep the skate spots open after school and on weekends. More details on this will be released as the program is rolled out.

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Cruise Night Booth

Date: September 21, 2017

On Thursday nights from 5pm to 8pm we host a booth at Packards Coffee Shop on 7th and Main for the American Graffiti Cruise Night Events. Volunteers are needed to setup and take down the booth, prepare root beer floats, and hand out information to visitors.

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