Planning Group Meeting – Need Your Help

Dear Friends,

This is a personal plea.  Not sure if you’ve been following the Ramona news, but we’ve had quite a bit of progress in the Parks & Rec department!  Significant progress has been made on some cool park priorities, clearing the slate for Ramona Skatepark.

Meanwhile, our group has achieved our 501c3 status and we have reached stability, leaving the way clear for significant fund growth. For instance, we will be closing our fiscal year end on June 30.  We’ve just made our last insurance payment for the calendar year and there are no other major expenses expected, that are not already covered.  There is $650 in the fund at the end of our expenses, and the next year is expected to be nothing but growth.

Skating up!

Here’s where you come in…

At the beginning of July, we are expected to have a presentation in front of the Ramona Planning Group, where we will ask to be formally agendized and ask for help with the RICC and  see if they will release money for design. 

In preparation for this big “ask,” we would like to raise $1,300 in the month of June.  That is a huge goal for our little group.  But if we reach it, this would effectively triple the fund in one month, just before meeting with the planning group.  We would be able to show that our supporters can and will mobilize to raise that fund, if our supporters are able to see a Planning Group that is equally motivated. 

I believe that a big fundraising response, with perfect timing, would make a strong statement to the Ramona Planning Group.

If they have an argument, it would be that it won’t do any good at all to release funds for design, if we aren’t able to raise the prerequisite maintenance bond fund, promptly, from our community.  If we have a big response to this request, then we can argue that our community is willing and able to respond to fundraising requests….when we know that our Planning Group is committed to moving forward. We need to end the stalemate.  Even if we don’t reach the goal, if we only come close, we will still have made a statement that our group is able to respond, when we know it will make a difference.

Will you please help us by donating $50, $100 or even $250 dollars at  before June 30?  Your donations are tax deductible.  Or come by our booth on 7th and Main Street, at Packards Coffiee Shop on Thursday nights for American Graffiti Cruise Night to donate in person.

Please help us boost our financial statements before this big meeting and before our fiscal year end.

Thanks, so much for your help and support.  It makes a big difference!!

Thank you,

Tracy Engel

Tracy Engel
President, Ramona Skatepark Champions

PS:  People ask me about Kickstarter and GoFundMe.  These sites have higher fees than PayPal, and we’ve never considered our $70,000 +/- goal a quick “FundMe” type push, but more a long term push, so we opted for the lower fees.  Please donate online at