Haunted Town Hall Deferred

Sad SkeletonIt is with great regret that we announce that we will not be performing the Haunted Town Hall, this year, on Halloween of 2017.  🙁

Still can’t miss Main Street Trick-or-Treating, though!  On Halloween, we will be at the Iron Pony Trading Post, at the corner of 8th and Main, giving out candy and/or toys and Brick Order Forms!!  Please come show us your costume, and we’ll try to have something special for you, there.

By way of explanation, Arts Unlimited is no longer able to partner with us. We just had too much else going on to be able to also find a new production partner, without overloading and overwhelming ourselves.  This is not an event we can do, by ourselves. We need someone, or some group, with production experience, to share a big load of effort and expense. The end result has been an awesome, professional-style production that we have been SO proud to produce.  Much of the credit for our past success goes to Arts Unlimited. Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to thank Amy Krause, and Jill Bacorn, for exceeding expectations every time!  It has been our pleasure to work with you. Thank you for everything you do for Ramona.   🙂

To be sure, this event consumes a lot of  resources. It requires just a lot of volunteers, and has a fair amount of expense to cover, and takes a big time commitment.  It is a big deal that takes about 5 or 6-months to prepare. From a fundraising perspective, it has greater potential than we’ve tapped. Past events have not produced as much fundraising, as you might expect, for the labor that goes into it.  Each year, fundraising has improved, and we had some great ideas for fundraising that we were looking forward to trying, this year.

As much effort as it takes, we still absolutely LOVE doing it.  I haven’t used the word “cancelled” in this announcement, because I hope we are just skipping a year. We would be interested in producing this, next year, if someone rises up to  partner with us.  Please contact info@ramonaskatepark.org, if you are interested in learning more about partnering to Haunt the Ramona Town Hall in 2018. We would need to begin preparing in May or June.

In lieu of this one big fundraising event, for the last quarter of 2017, we are working on TWO NEW FUNDRAISERS!!  One may be a pro-skate demo and the other, an elegant annual awards dinner.  Additionally, we still await announcements on grant awards to learn if we can proceed to revive the OPMS skate team, this year, too!  So there is still much work in store for 2017!!

Please look for some exciting announcements in the very near future, and thank you for your support!!

Rummage Sale to Benefit Ramona Skatepark

Come browse our rummage sale for household goods, clothing tools, toys, sporting goods, office or party supplies, electronics, jewelry and arts & crafts.  Hosted by Iron Pony Trading Post  at 803 Main Street, Suite B (the old CarQuest Building,) from Thursday, June 22 to Sunday, June 25.  Thursday, we’ll open the rummage sale at 5pm through 8pm for the Cruise Night.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday, come by from 11am to 5pm.

Drop off donations at 803 Main Street from 11am to 5pm before Tuesday, June 20.  Donations are tax deductible and you will be given a receipt.

Proceeds will benefit Ramona Skatepark Champions, a 501c3 organization.  Keep reading past image for volunteer opportunities.

Rummage Sale for Ramona Skatepark

Volunteer opportunities available.  We actually don’t have a sign-up sheet for this one, and just ask if you want to volunteer to contact us at info@ramonaskatepark.org and just let me know what shift you want to take or what supplies you can provide.

Supplies we need: 

  • Price tags or pricing system.
  • Tables
  • Able Bodies



  • 2pm – 5pm  Saturday
  • 2pm – 5pm Sunday
  • 2pm – 5pm Monday
  • 2pm – 5pm Tuesday
  • 2pm – 5pm Wednesday


  • 5pm – 8pm Thursday Cruise Night
  • 11am – 1:30pm Friday
  • 1:30 – 5pm Friday
  • 11am – 1:30pm Saturday
  • 1:30pm – 5pm Saturday
  • 11am – 1:30pm Sunday
  • 1:30pm – 5pm Sunday


2pm – 5pm Monday to cart everything not sold to donate, or pack into a corner if we want to do another one sometime.